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Basics of measurement, metrology, traceability and uncertainty

This course offers help to those planning to set up a thorough measurement or calibration system in your company, regardless of what you are going to measure or calibrate. This is also the ideal course for new colleagues not yet familiar with traceability or measurement requirements of ISO/IEC 17025, such as uncertainty. An important part of ISO/IEC 17025 is measurement uncertainty. Moreover one of the most important principles of measurement is that an uncertainty is to be calculated by those who do the measurements.


  • Accreditation systems and Conformity Assessment Bodies (RvA, UKAS, DAkkS, COFRAC, INAB, NVLAB, A2LA ..)
  • Units and Quantities
  • International and national traceability
  • Measurement standards and written standards
  • Certificates, calibration, validation, verification, audit, certification, interlaboratory comparisons
  • How do I see if certificates are acceptable for traceability
  • ISO/IEC 17025:2017 versus ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO/IEC 17025:2017 versus ISO/IEC 17025:2005 metrology-wise: decision rule
  • Accredited or ISO 9001 certified, what is the difference?
  • Complaints
  • Uncertainty versus Error
  • Calibration and uncertainty
  • Rounding of numbers
  • Uncertainty contributions in practice
  • What instruments need calibration: selection by means of an expert diagram
  • How often do instruments need calibration: don't spend more than needed!
  • The use of a certificate and measurement specifications for an uncertainty evaluation
  • Examples and exercises of measurement problems in practice
  • The approach on uncertainty is based on EA 4/02, on UKAS M3003, on the NIST uncertainty guide and the GUM

 Blended learning

The course starts with an e-learning module that you can use yourself prior to the course day. The second module is the course day, we give you a day program in which you actively participate in examples to be worked out. The third module is the test in which you search for the correct answers to the questions asked on the basis of the course book.

This course is for

  • Starting instrument engineers and calibration technicians in a test or calibration department
  • All those involved in measurement who need to prove tracebility for ISO 9001, EN 15189, ISO 16949, HACCP, GLP, GMP...

After this course

  • You can decide on the future of the measurement quality in your company / laboratory / institute
  • You are fammiliar with cost efficienty on the required calibrations of your equipment
  • You can use specifications and certificates
  • You will know how to verify the uncertainty of a measurement or estimate it competently
  • You can be further qualified in metrology by atttending our other courses such as measurement uncertainty


  • This course consists of an initial Elearning module that takes you 2-3 hours; a subsequent one-day course by an experienced teacher and and a further E-learning module including a test taking of 2-4 hours.
  • Costs €875,-  include lunch, course documentation excl. btw.
  • Teacher is Martin De Groot (NL) or Thomas Harper 

When & where

  • Ask us for the next opportunity in English

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