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Control and traceability of balances, pipettes and thermometers in laboratories

Which equipment do you need to calibrate in a test or medical laboratory and how often? Based on which rules do you make this choice? You will become familiar with the calibration of pipettes, balances and thermometers by taking some measurements yourself, the background will be explained to you. We give this course in collaboration with QAducation, which also organizes the course.



  • ISO / IEC 17025: 2005 and ISO 15189: 2012 What requirements does the standard set for in-house calibrations. Many practical examples show where things can go wrong.
  • Critical measuring equipment: Exercise with our expert system with which you determine the necessity and frequency of calibrations
  • Calibration of balance sheets: OIML guidelines and regulations, discussion of the calibration method. A calibration of a balance is displayed.
  • Measurement uncertainty: Introduction to measurement uncertainty during calibrations based on the international document EA 4/02. The determination of the measurement uncertainty is elaborated on the basis of a few examples of balances.
  • Calibration and internal control of pipettes NEN-ISO 8655 is treated and also what is involved in calibrating a pipette. You perform a calibration yourself. Elaboration of the measurement uncertainty budget.
  • Use and calibration of thermometers: Common thermometers (Pt100, thermocouples) are discussed. Calibration in practice, what can go wrong and how to calibrate.

This course is for

  • you who are responsible for the calibration (outsourcing or implementation) of calibration of pipettes, balances and thermometers, among others: Analysts who perform calibrations, equipment managers and quality coordinators

After this course

  • you can perform some calibrations based on standard procedures; you know how to outsource efficient and cost-effective as possible calibrations


  • this course lasts 2 days
  • details about starting time, costs and accommodation can be read on de website of QAducation
  • teachers are mr M.J. De Groot and mrs S. van de Ven

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