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  • blended learning
  • level 2
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Basics of temperature and thermometer calibration

Temperature measurement and calibration often go wrong. You will be introduced to common errors in temperature measurement and calibration. You will get a better insight into what makes a thermometer so special. 


  • what is temperature?
  • traceability
  • temperature scales
  • resistance thermometers and thermocouples
  • measure and calibrate
  • insertion depth and handle guide
  • uncertainty (no substantive treatment)
  • certificates, measurement reports

Blended learning

The course starts with an e-learning module that you can use yourself prior to the course day. The second module is the course day, we give you a day program in which you actively participate in examples to be worked out. The third module is the test in which you search for the correct answers to the questions asked on the basis of the course book. 

This course is for:

  • anyone who wants or needs to properly measure temperature (HACCP, ISO9000, Regelgeving RIVM, GLP, GMP, FDA ect.).

After this course

  • You have a good insight into the many pitfalls that are inherent to temperature measurement
  • You measure better and you have more confidence in your measurement results
  • If you are not yet a "thermometrist", our follow-up courses can provide further training if required


  • this course consists of an initial e-learning module that takes you 1-2 hours; a subsuquen one-day course by an experienced teacher and a futher e-learning module including a test of 1 hour. 
  • costs €875 including e-learning and exam, excluding VAT
  • You will receive a diploma with a list of marks after you have passed the exam or a declaration of participation.
  • the course is given on the basis of the second edition (2001) of Traceable Temperatures by John Nicholas and Rod White, which is available at Amazon.
  • the teacher is mr M.J. de Groot



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