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First introduction to temperature

In this course you will be introduced to what is involved in a calibration of thermometers. The general concepts are explained and you get to see some demonstrations of a thermometer. Are you new to thermometer calibration? Then this course will help you take your first steps in the world of thermometry. With our level 2 and 3 follow-up courses, you can decide how deep you want to dive into this field. But first, Ryan Egbert from our partner Sine Calibration School will take you through the technique of temperature measurement.


  • general concepts
  • ITS-90
  • ice point demo
  • triple point demo
  • resistance thermometer
  • thermocouple
  • thermistors


  • This course is a full online course. In approximately 2 hours Ryan Egbert from our partner Sine Calibration School will take you through the technique of measuring temperature.

This course is for

  • all novice employees in temperature measurement and thermometer calibration.

After this course

  • further your proficiency in thermometry through our other courses, for example through the Introduction to Thermometry course.


  • the online course takes about 4 hours
  • costs €250,- excl. VAT. The online course is run with Moodle.
  • you will receive information about accessing the websites with the access codes from us after your registration
  • you will receive a certificate
  • a discount applies for more than three participants from one company, request information from us.


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