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Measuring the surface temperature without contact is, among other things, a widely used method in the food industry. Contact thermometers have the advantage that the temperature indication within limits is a good measure of the temperature of the measured surface. Radiation thermometers do not have the disadvantage that they change because they are loaded at high temperatures, but there are many other problems. They often also measure the temperature of an object in the neighborhood in the reflection of the measurement object. You must also know the emission coefficient of the object to be measured. The contact temperature must be known for a good emissivity measurement.



  • foundation of radiation thermometry
  • surface temperature measurement
  • thermal anchoring, various measurement methods
  • Infrared thermometers or visible light: wavelength issues
  • emission, reflection, transmission and the associated coefficients
  • the great influence of reflection on measurements
  • absorption effects
  • size of source and optical errors (aberration) in the meters
  • applications for plastic, glass, metalHet fundament van stralingsthermometrie

This course is for

  • Anyone who works with pyrometers / radiation thermometers or non-contact thermometers or who wants or must measure a temperature on an area

After this course

  • you know the limitations of this technique and the possibilities of these thermometers
  • you know the important parameters for an uncertainty budget for the calibration of radiation thermometers or surface thermometers


  • the course lasts 1 day
  • costs € 650,- including lunch and course documentation (powerpoint sheets and comments), excluding VAT
  • you will receive a statement of participation
  • the course is given on the basis of the second edition (2001) of Traceable Temperatures by John Nicholas and Rod White. You can order this book from us at cost with your course reservation.
  • Teacher is Mr. M.J. De Groot


  • ask us for the next location and date

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