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  • level 3
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Continuation of temperature measurement and calibration of thermometers

Your knowledge of thermometry will increase in two days. Uncertainty account, focused on thermometers, is also treated bright and clearly. This course is structured as blended learning, combined learning: you learn via e-learning on our platform on the internet, you conduct supervised experiments and you learn in groups with many opportunities for questions.



  • detailed treatment of Resistance thermometers and thermocouples (participation in the basic course temperature and thermometers is necessary) This course continues on the material in the basic course and accepts it as known)
  • how to calculate with self-heating of resistance thermometers
  • calculation of the (non-) linearity of a resistance thermometer: Pt100 and NTC
  • how and how strongly does a resistance thermometer age due to use
  • aging and anneal processes
  • inhomogeneities of thermocouples through use and during production and translation of inhomogeneity to other temperatures
  • linearization of thermocouples
  • extrapolation from polynomial versus single point calibrations
  • brief overview of other thermometer systems (including radiation thermometers).
  • surface measurement techniques
  • uncertainty (participation in the basic introduction to measurement course or the uncertainty account course is an advantage).
  • calibration systems and measurement standards.
  • the definition of temperature in the context of a temperature measurement and thermometer calibration.
  • background of temperature scales

E-learning/blended learning

This course consists of three parts / modules. The combination of learning methods is called blended learning. 

  • The first module is via e-learning on Moodle. You will need approximately 4 hours for this.
  • Then module two is conventional through a two-day training course by our teacher. During this part of the course you also do your own experiments with which you can put the material into practice and learn from practice. During these tests we guide you through more than five registrations with two teachers.
  • Module three is a test that you can take on Moodle in your own time. It will take you around three hours. You can take this exam three times.

This course is for

  • anyone who wants or needs to critically measure temperature.
  • employees with at least MBO prior education or experience experts at this level.
  • calibration staff who are familiar with the course material from basic course temperature and thermometers.

After this course

  • you can independently calibrate a thermometer in accordance with requirements such as ISO17025, EA 4/02, ILAC P14 and the GUM.
  • you can develop temperature measurement systems.


  • the course takes 2 days.
  • costs € 1750,- including lunch course documentation (powerpoint sheets with clear explanation), e-learning and exam, excl. VAT
  • you will receive a list of marks for the exam and, if the result is satisfactory, a diploma, otherwise a declaration of participation.
  • the course is given on the basis of the second edition (2001) of Traceable Temperatures by John Nicholas and Rod White.
  • the teacher is mr M.J. De Groot


  • ask us for the next location and date

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