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This course has been merged with the follow-up course temperature measurement and thermometer calibration. By means of E-learning modules you learn the material prior to the courseday in which these experiments are incorporated.

We take you into our lab, which is built up in the course room, and we measure with you in small groups, you perform experiments and you work them out in an uncertainty budget.



  • During the day you do three experiments:
    • The comparison of two resistance thermometers in a dry block oven, during the experiment, check the self-heating of a thermometer.
    • The control of a thermocouple indicator with a thermocouple simulator
    • The measurement of the homogeneity of a thermocouple in an ice point.
  • You make an uncertainty assessment of these experiments with the help of worksheets prepared and explained by us.
  • During the day there is time enough to discuss the measurement problems that you encounter in your measurement practice, and analyze the results of the experiments performed.

This course is for

  • employees in a calibration or testing laboratory
  • employees of a test and instrumentation group
  • employees in a certified (ISO9001) measurement environment
  • employees with at least MBO prior education or experience experts at this level

It is in your advantage when you have followed our introductory courses:  "metrology, traceability and uncertainty" and "temperature measurement and thermometer calibration".
It also helps if you have followed our follow-up course: 
"uncertainty of measurement" 

After this course

  • you have a much better understanding of measurement practice
  • you know from your own experience what measuring instrument you are working with


  • he course lasts two days
  • costs €1375 including lunch on the first day, course documentation (PowerPoint presentation and sums mostly in MS Excel), excl. VAT
  • the maximum number of participants in this course is 6
  • you will receive a statement of participation
  • your teacher is Mr. M.J. De Groot


  • ask us for the next location and date

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