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In this course you shall learn all about EN 45501 and related guidelines.


  • Use of standard weights
  • Calculation of tolerances
  • Connected printers
  • registrations on a measurement report

This course is for

  • (Starting) staff that perform internal calibrations of weighing instruments in the company interest or as part of requirements related to a certification to ISO 9001:2008
  • Calibration technicians in the framework of collaborative efforts with legal bodies such as Verispect B.V.
  • 'Keuringstechnici' in the framework of  “ Erkende keurder “ (individual certificates) issued by NMi Certin B.V

After this course

  • You can independently assess weiging instruments on its agreement with the metrology law 
  • You can independently calibrate weiging instruments using procedures that are acceptable in relation to ISO 9001:2008
  • You can be further qualified in metrology by attending our other courses such as general metrology or measurement uncertainty
  • We shall discuss your measurement system


  • This course takes one day and shall be given on your site
  • Costs depend on the number of participants
  • Participants receive a certificate of their participation
  • Docent is dhr R. Elving

When & Where 

  • Let us know  you are interested and we shall discuss further details with you

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