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On 4 april 2018 CALLAB Magazine published my contribution on pipette calibration. 

This paper discusses the calibration of pipette, with particular attention to the type that is used and calibrated most frequently. This is the so-called air-displacement pipette, single channel, adjustable volume pipet. The new ISO/IEC 17025, published November 2017, demands more attention to the agreement of the calibration procedure with the customer. The paper describes points that need to be agreed with the customer and calibration by the gravimetric method (weighing). The alternative calorimetric method (ISO 8655-7) is not described in this paper. Read the full article (PDF)

 The paper refers to this youtube film that tells you how to use a micropipette.

The files to do your own uncertainty analysis can be simply downloaded using this link. This link will download a zip file that contains an excel file (xls-format) that works together with the Gum Workbench file (SMU file format). Some explanation is given in the first sheet of the excel file.

You do not need to register do download the file, but you are much invited to leave behind a message on our contact form.


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