Basics humidity measurement and calibration


Rotting food, fungus on paintings, consense in green houses... There are dozens of situations where humidity of air is very important. This course helps you to measure and understand humidity. 



  • eliminate the misunderstandings on measurement units to express humidity of air: relative humidity (RH /%rh), absolute humidity (χ /g·m-3), dewpoint (tdew /°C), wet/dry-bulb temperatures (twet,tdry /°C) ......

  • psychrometer diagrams, background and insight information (for those interested a few formula's..

  • measurement systems for humidity, emphasis on capacitive sensors, dew point meters and resistive sensors

  • the environment influencing the measurement
  • the measurement influencing the environment
  • short introduction to uncertainty issues in humidity measurement
  • several systems for controlling and calibrating humidity meters

This course is for

  • those working with humidity meters

After this course you

  • know the limitations of humidity meters 

  • know how to cost-effectively measure humidity without consessions to your requirements


  • humidity, measurement units and quantities
  • dew point meters and psychrometers
  • seeing the context between influence quantities through diagrams
  • sensor elements, general
  • more specific dew point meters and impedance RH-meters
  • standards,
  • understanding uncertainty of measurement and calibration


  • this course takes you one day
  • costs are including lunch, course documentation, ask us for the current price.
  • We advise you to purchase the IMECO Guide to the measurement of humidity
  • teacher is dhr M.J. De Groot

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