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If and when an instrument should be calibrated

This course offers help if you are responsible for the measurement or calibration system in your company, regardless of what you want to have calibrated. You learn to determine yourself which instruments need to be calibrated and how often, but especially also which instruments do not need to be calibrated. You learn the background of, and the rules regarding "acceptable traceability".


  • recognition systems (Dutch Accreditation Council, RvA)
  • units and quantities
  • international and national traceability
  • measurement standards and paper norms / standards
  • certificates, calibration, validation, certification
  • what kind of certificates are acceptable traceable, how do I see that
  • ISO / IEC 17025: 2005 versus ISO 9001: 2008
  • RvA accredited or ISO 9001 certified. What is the difference?
  • reading a calibration certificate, understand the specified uncertainty
  • which instruments need to be calibrated: selection of an expert diagram through our system
  • how often do instruments need to be calibrated
  • examples / exercises of measurement problems based on a simple practical exam


This course is a full online course. You will work through the topics in a few hours and answer some questions. You end the course with a test.
Optionally, you can extend this course with a workshop. We help you to apply our expert system in your case studies.

This course is for

  • all starting employees in a certified or otherwise recognized company who are responsible for the calibration of equipment
  • all employees in an ISO 9001 environment who are involved in measurement

Na deze cursus

  • you are more critical of your measuring instruments
  • you can read and review specifications and certificates
  • you know which instruments need to be calibrated and how often
  • keep your access to the Kelvin-Training information site with this course, which is regularly updated
  • you will become more proficient in metrology through our other courses, for example the introduction to measurement course


  • the online course takes approximately 3 hours and the test 1 hour.
  • costs € 325.00 excl. VAT Any additional information and documentation is available on this website. The online course is conducted with Moodle.
  • you will receive information about the access of the websites with the access codes from us after your registration
  • you receive a certificate with the results of the test or a declaration of participation
  • you can download a general metrology booklet (language: English)
  • optional is the half-day workshop that is given on location, request a quote for this
  • A discount applies to more than three participants from one company, request information from us


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