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"What we measure, how we measure it, and how accurately we can measure it are surprisingly complex questions - questions which have obsessed generations of great minds, and created a system that describes everything in our world with just seven fundamental units of measurement. And the quest to define those seven units with ever greater precision has changed our world." Prof du Sautoy explores humankind's long efforts to add numerical exactness to our world, and the impact of greater and greater precision in measurement on our history, lifestyles and the future. A television series of BBC Four that was produced with help of NPL, the UK national standards laboratory.

Broadcast details
  • 9 pm, BBC Four, 10 June 2013: Time and Distance
  • 9 pm, BBC Four, 17 June 2013: Mass and Moles
  • 9 pm, BBC Four, 24 June 2013: Light, Heat and Electricity

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