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General metrology

Below are links to various articles and videos about metrology. They are worth reading and viewing.

World Metrology Day 2019

Explanation daily measurements and SI units

Largest overhaul of scientific units since 1875 wins approval

This article contains several videos about the redefinition of the units. A turningpoint for humanity: redefining the world's measurement 

You know kilo, mega, and giga. Is the metric system ready for ronna and quecca?

Universal units reflect their earthly origens

World Metrology Day: How NASA Lost a Satellite

SI unit Kilogram

Unit of the month May 2019: kilogram

Revision voting

Interesting article. don't forget to click on the link. "Learning with: the kilogram is dead, long live the kilogram."

Good movie about the silicion sfere with dutch subtitles World's roundest object

For our Spanish visitors: Desde hoy rige la nueva definición del kilogramo y entran en vigencia las nuevas unidades de medida

SI unit Meter

Countdown to the SI redefinition: the meter

SI unit Kelvin

The Kelvin is the SI base unit for thermodynamic temperature

SI unit Second

Newest atomic clocks can detect the gravitational distortions of time itself

Atomic clock performance enabling geodesy below the centimetre level

SI unit Mol

Two movies about the mole. The mole

Redevision of the mole 

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