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Are you seeking high-class metrological services at a competitive rate? Are customers and/or auditors asking questions about traceability? You want to know more about ISO/IEC 17025? Any other questions you cannot solve by yourself on accreditation, uncertainty, measurement of weight, volume, temperature and humidity? We offer you our wealth of knowledge in metrology, the science of measurement so that you can meet the requirements from customers and assessors/auditors. Read the rules on websites of RvA, UKAS, DAkkS, COFRAC, ILAC, European Accreditation (EA), Euramet, and BIPM..., or have yourself, your colleagues, your measurement staff trained in a more efficient way right up to any required level.

We, at KelvinTraining and our partners each have more than 25 years practical experience on all levels and with a large variety of measurements: knowledge we obtained in several laboratories at a wide variety of levels and our trainers are very experienced quality managers/ auditors or assessors in the field of metrology. Our mission is not to keep this knowledge to ourselves, but to offer our services and knowledge to you and/or your colleagues. Join the group of leading calibration and other laboratories and maintenance companies that we served before you.

We need to inform you that all of the above is subject to one condition:
If applicable, we connot generally combine our roles as (lead and/or technical) assessors for accreditation bodies with advisory activities, where this would infringe our independence when we are involved in the accreditation proces.  We are bound by requirements of independence and confidentiality. ISO/IEC 17011:2004 requires that assessors shall be independent from accreditation bodies that they assess (clause 6.1.4). We shall allways let you know when limitations apply.

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